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Every time an Energy Tank is released you lose health. You'll need to collect as many Energy Tanks as you can  to regain your health. You fly the Corsair, but the Brigand can collect your health and stop you from regaining your health. If your health reaches 0,  you lose the Game. However to be fair, the Brigand's Energy Tanks are up for grabs as well.  So collect the Brigand's Energy Tanks, collect your Energy Tanks,  and win the Game. There is always a catch, there are Kamikazee's who can take out multiple Energy Tanks at once. They seem to go after whoever is in the lead..?

This Game was made for the Gamemaker Studio 20th Anniversary Game Jam. I am proud to have taken part, and all the work I put in to making this game.


Space Raiders: Thermal Thieves 40 MB
Space Raiders Thermal Thieves Project File 45 MB

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